Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cupertino Library membership

Official seal of City of CupertinoImage via WikipediaMy summer vacation is almost ending. I have to say that I'm mostly disappointed with it. The two great things that came out of it was my sister visiting and the wedding. But other than that, I have found myself bored and actually wanting to go back to work. I will be getting my wish soon as I have a few weeks left and then its back to the long back and forth between SJ and PH. I can already feel myself feeling tired and stressed from the long commute but its better than being at home. I don't mind being at home. It's the person who's at home that I mind being with that's the problem! Enough said.

This is an ok city to live in but I think I have been spoiled with Cupertino with their nice, spacious and modern library. The library in the city where I live is tiny....that's about how I would describe it. I went there once and I was sadly disappointed. I did sign up for a library card since my library card privileges have been revoked due to the bad economy. Yes! Cupertino wants library card members to prove that they live in that city before they will give you a library card. If you would still want to have a library card there, you need to pay $80 dollars a year. The bad economy, that's what! I work for the school district in that city but I can't even get a library card there! I borrow books from that library to use in my class and now, I can't! Unless I shell out the $80 dollars. What I also like is being able to access for free bookflix and tumblebooks. The kids like reading stories online from scholastic books because I used to have a library card there. My husband said I should write to the city or the library and ask them if its possible to get a free membership. He said I have nothing to lose. I might, or I might not. Maybe I should write to one of those council members to visit the school periodically. One of the reasons that I hesitate is that a few years back, one of the CLIP kinder class was considering a trip to the Cupertino Library since the Calabazas Library which is part of the San Jose Library system has been closed for the last 2 years. What did the Cupertino Library say? Nope! Since the school was in San Jose, it should visit a San Jose Library. Hmm...that's sad.

I like the Cupertino Library, but in this case, I think there's no point in writing. But just in case you know anyone in the Cupertino council, maybe you can ask them why employees who work in the district and who will be using those resources to students who are in the district, can't be given a free membership.
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